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NFL Blitz Arcade Game and Parts

NFL Blitz Arcade

NFL Blitz Arcade
NFL Blitz Arcade
From the same creators of NBA Jam, NFL Blitz was a cartoonish, yet incredibly addictive football video game. Like NBA Jam, there are almost no rules. Pass Interference, late hits, celebrating after the play were not only allowed but encouraged. It was the original anti-Madden football game.

The game took things like gravity and reality and then tossed it out the window. On certain plays the quarterback could throw accross the entire 100 yard football field. Players could dive 10 yards in order to make a tackle. Also, defensive players could go for the facemask and throw the offensive player down.

Even if you weren't a fan of football, the game was just so easy and fun to play, that it was a major hit in the arcades. Since 99% of the rules of football were taken out of the game, the game was accessible to everybody.

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