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Gauntlet Arcade Game and Parts

Gauntlet Arcade

The Moment Gauntlet busted onto the arcade scene in 1985 players were waiting in line to play. It is safe to say there was nothing quite like it in arcades. It was the first arcade in which up to 4 players could play simultaneously. The cabinet was huge for its day. It looked like it was wider than two arcade machines combined.

The game had a top-down view perspective. You can play as four different characters. You can play as Thor the warrior, who was strongest hand-to-hand combat; Merlin the wizard, who had the strongest magic; Thyra the Valkyre has the best armor; Questor the Elf, who was the fastest character.

You have to play through countless maze-like dungeons, where you pick up treasure, food, potions and keys to unlock the doors in the dungeon. You have to fight with ghosts, sorcerers, and other medieval enemies.

The game involved an important aspect that wasn't common in video games at the time: Cooperative Play. Players had to actually to work with each other in order to be successful in the game. You couldn't do it by yourself. Every game prior to this, involved players competing against each other.

Also, one of the great features of Gauntlet was the use of the Narrator's voice. It was done almost as if it was a play-by-play announcer. It had a mocking tone that would say things like "don't shoot food" or "Let's see you get out of here".

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